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                     Try our free virus removal utilites to remove specific wide spread viruses. To detect and clean all kinds of viruses you can download and install the trial version of Solo antivirus. It is free of cost and fully functional for 30 days. Solo is designed to work with Windows 95, 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, Vista and Windows 7.

                     Solo Antivirus scans and removes for all types of malicious software including Internet Worms, File infecting viruses, malicious VB and Java scripts, Trojans, Backdoors, Spyware, Adware, Rootkits, boot sector, partition table, file and macro viruses. You can download Free 30 days evaluation version of Solo antivirus software for any Windows platform.

You can purchase Solo antivirus using the link

Updating Solo

                     Solo includes online automatic update facility to check and download updates. Solo scheduler will be loaded with Solo sentry sytem at the machine startup. By default it will check update for every one hour interval. User can change update time, date and month interval as per requirements.

Solo can be updated manually. For manual update instructions please visit Solo Manual update Page

Virus Removal Tools

W32.Swen.A@mm Registry Fix | Worms details

W32.Yaha@mm Registry Fix | Worms details

W32.Klez.H@mm Cure | Worms details

W32.BadTrans.B@mm Cure | Worms details

W32.Nimda.A@mm Cure | Worms details

W32.SirCam@mm Cure | Worms details

W32/Kriz Cure | Virus details

WYX Boot Virus Cure | Virus details

W32/FunLove Virus Cure | Virus details

W95/CIH Virus Cure | Virus details